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About The Dancing Loon

Aerial Arts are considered anything that is suspended from the ceiling. Then they perform dancing on it, moving up and down using all of the 3D world!

The Dancing Loon Aerial Studio is a great place to learn many different genres of physical disciplines, either on the ground or in the air. The Studio is unique in its approach to teaching. It combines the art of Aerials with modern dance and ballet elements. 

The Dancing Loon has classes in various performing genres and multiple levels, including but not limited to; Fabric, Lyra, Trapeze, Partner acro, Stilt Dancing, Rope and Harness and so much more. Classes are separated into three groups youth 8-11, Tweens/ Teens 12-16, and Adults 17 and up. Each age group will also have different levels as well.  Whether the student wants to have fun and learn another art form or start their Aerial profession, The Dancing Loon is the place to go!

Introductory Aerial Dance

Have you always wanted to learn how to climb fabrics or hang upside down? Well here is your chance. The Dancing Loon offers Introductory Aerial classes to youth ages 8-12, Tweens and Teens 13-16, and Adults 17 and up. There is no experience necessary, all are welcome!

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Party Time!!!

Come have your party at the Dancing Loon Aerial Studio! We provide a class with instructions on how to safely move onto and off of the aerial apparatus, followed by plenty of time to take many pictures!

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Birthday Parties


Bachelorette Parties

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Team Building Parties

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